Oversight & Training to Agencies

We oversee the delivery of services to families, while the bulk of services are delivered directly by the agencies.

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Fetal Alcohol
Spectrum Disorder

The objective is to oversee the development of best practice standards for working with children affected by FASD.

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Foster Care

The objective is to improve the availability and quality of foster care placements for families within our region.

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Foster Parent

The Northern Authority plays an important role in encouraging all foster parents to use the appeal system.

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A variety of informational resources for education, children, family, health, wellness and much more.

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Our Agencies

There are 7 agencies within the Northern Authority that provide a diverse range of services to families.

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Work With Us

There are many employment opportunities for those looking for a career in child and family services.

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Mission Statement

"Supporting and empowering First Nation Child and Family Services Agencies in Northern Manitoba to enhance and enrich family life."

Vision Statement

"First Nation Elders, parents and extended family members in Northern Manitoba are restoring their traditional and inherent roles and honouring their sacred responsibilities to all children."

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