Welcome Message from Chief Executive Officer

Chief Tecumsah stated that "a single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong".

Such is the case for the provision of child welfare services to Northern First Nation Communities. The assurance of safety and well-being of children within their own families and communities are goals to which the First Nations of Northern Manitoba child and family services strives to meet.

Collaborative Relationships

It is with these goals in mind that, the Northern Authority continues to foster a collaborative relationship with Leadership in the North, First Nation Northern Agencies, the Department of Family Services and Labour and the federal Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

With a combined and coordinated effort we can foster a system which will deliver appropriate, well resourced, and relevant services to children families, and communities.

The previous year has provided continued opportunities for partnership and collaboration. As a result, the First Nations of Northern Manitoba Child and Family Services Authority ("Northern Authority") continues to work effectively with the Office of the Grand Chief, the Portfolio Chiefs for Child and Family Services, Chief Primrose and Chief Dysart, of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO).

Continue to Strengthen and Improve Working Relationships

We continue to strengthen and improve the working relationships with the Department of Family Services and Labour and the federal Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. Through the combined efforts of the agencies, leadership and authority, there has been opportunity to host gatherings in the areas of Foster Care and Resource Development and Case Management. Agency staff gathered to review the service areas and had the opportunity to network, and discuss issues surrounding the subject area.

The restoration of Cree Nation Child and Family Caring Agencies mandate demonstrate the Northern Authority's commitment to an improved relationship within an environment of shared vision, partnership and collaboration. This is consistent with the AJI CWI mission that recognizes the distinct rights and authorities of First Nations to control and deliver their own child and family services that reflects the cultures of First Nations.

Collaborative Working Group

The Collaborative Working Group is a means by which key partners dialogue on system issues that impact the north with an emphasis on working together in order to jointly resolve issues. This approach collectively places responsibility and accountability on all partners to restore system confidence as opposed to an adversarial approach.

Through the series of events over the previous year, the Northern Authority continued to make progress on implementing the priority action areas that are contained in the strategic plan. These areas will be further expanded upon within this document as reported in the following manager's reports.

It is critical that momentum gained is not lost, that we, as collective partners, continue to maintain and enhance communication and coordination for the improvement in the quality of life for those we serve.

Ron Monias, Chief Executive Officer

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